Autimotive’s approach

Autimotive visits the students at home or at school. Whether the student attends mainstream or special education, Autimotive offers help. The school support is offered in the student’s familiar and trusted environment. This can be either at home or another place where the student feels safe and secure and is able to work without distraction. Autimotive tackles step-by-step those issues that don’t seem to work for the student (see also Focus on study skills). Autimotive discusses with the student what isn’t working and helps find a way that does work. We write down this new step-by-step approach in a notebook. Clear steps, geared towards the school’s text books and the student’s personal situation. This makes the new approach directly applicable.

This process doesn’t stop when Autimotive walks out the door. On the contrary! That’s when the real work starts. The student actively applies the new approach and writes down in the notebook what works fine and what needs improvement. In the next session we continue to fine-tune study skills and strategies. Step by step.

Too often autistic students in the Dutch school system with excellent cognitive development are adviced by teachers to switch to a lower level type of education, often shattering dreams of gaining access to a college or university. Teachers seem to think that they do the student a favour by placing them in a lower level. They will tell you that the student will need less time to complete homework and have more time to spend on their social and emotional development and extracurricular activities. What is usually overlooked, is that peer acceptance is crucial for social development. Whenever you place a child in an enviroment where the overall cognitive level is lower that that of the child itself, chances are social acceptance will be even worse than before. On top of that, with a high school diploma that does not reflect one’s intellectual capacities, the same will be true for one’s further education and professional career later in life. On top of that, the education system on a lower level is not fundamentally different. In other words, the same struggles with this system will persist. Autimotive does not believe in this advice.

Autimotive aims to use the student’s well-developed cognitive capacities to pave the way to development in different areas. By supporting the student in dealing with the school system as it is and acquiring the necessary study skills, Autimotive appeals to their cognitive capacities and study results will improve. With improved results, self-confidence will improve. More self-confidence leads to a positive self-image. A positive self-image is crucial for a healthy, social development.

Autimotive doesn’t like lenghty intakes. Enough talking. Time for action.

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