Focus on study skills

“Why is it not working for you?”

Does this question sound familiar? Do teachers ask this question a lot? Does your mental health care facility asks this question? Do other education or health care professonals ask this question? Your family? Your friends? Autimotive thinks this question is too difficult. Autimotive likes to keep things simple.

“What is not working for you?”

Finishing your tests and exams within the given time. Concentrating. Working together with fellow students. Knowing when your work is finished. Dealing with unexpected events, such as cancelled classes and substitute teachers. Finishing your homework.

“Make it work with the right study skills!”

The student uses an approach that doesn’t work for him or her. Autimotive works together with the student to find an approach that does work. Autimotive thinks that contemporary education does not devote enough attention to teaching study skills. Study skills that benefit students in general and students with an autism spectrum disorder in particular. There is no cook book on how to do this. There is, however, a very personal book on how to do this. Autimotive writes this book together with the student. Autimotive teaches study skills, knows how to deal with concentration problems, knows how to finish tests on time and makes cooperative learning useful. Geared towards the books the school prescribes and the personal situation. Very practical and directly applicable in daily school life.

The school system does not work for students with autism. However, students with autism are smart enough to learn how to work the system. Autimotive supports them in this.

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